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Converter MBUS to RS485 for 60 devices

The device serves as a transparent converter  of RS485 physical layer (EIA / TIA 485) to MBUS, allowing remote readings of energy meters via LAN network. The converter supports the MBUS layer (also known as M-BUS or Meter-BUS) in accordance with EN 13757-2. The device is made in a plastic cover for mounting on a DIN rail.


Price estimate: 5540 Kč
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Product Description

The device can be powered by a direct supply voltage in the range of 12 to 24 V. It is capable of communicating with up to 60 MBUS slave devices. The maximum length of the cable segment to the slave device can be up to 1000 m at a communication speed of 300 bps. It is not necessary to set the baud rate on the device,  because the converter works independently of the communication speed used by the parent system.

For more information see the user guide in the “Download” section.