Custom hardware development

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Custom solutions developed by our company

Hardware unit for wireless heating control

An assignment arose from the needs of Flea, s. r. o. company, that is dealing with heating control. Based on the experience from previous installations of heating control it was decided to develop several types of hardware blocks. The first block is a control unit that is equipped with a number of digital inputs, digital outputs and inputs for temperature sensors. The control unit also serves as a gateway between LAN, RF networks, RS485 interface, M-BUS interface and OneWire interface. Additional hardware blocks are connected to the network via the RF interface. There is a digital outputs unit, a digital inputs unit (battery powered) and wall mount wireless thermometer (battery powered).

Wireless control unit for electrical drives

For the production needs of T-Industry, s. r. o. company a wireless control unit has electrical actuators (stepping motor, DC motor) has been developed. The unit allows connection and sensing of inductive actuator position sensors or custom sensor via RS232 interface. The unit responds to commands sent from the master system via the RF network.

Logging system for seismic applications

The system was developed for the needs of the Institute of Rock Structure and Mechanics of Academy of Sciences. The task of the system is digitizing the signals received from the 16 geophones and archiving this data in a matter of weeks to months on a hard drive. The system was designed using the industrial PC and digitization equipment developed by our company, which is connected to the PC via USB interface.

Wireless temperature and humidity sensor

The sensor has been developed for the needs of the wireless temperature and humidity sensing in high-range wireless network. Therefore, the sensor is equipped with a high-power RF output stage (output power max. 27 dBm). The sensor also has a display that shows the current measured values as well as the signal strength of the master unit. Sensor firmware was designed to cooperate with RTU unit developed by T-Industry, s. r. o.

Electricity consumption meter for FSE competition

An FSE competition (Formula Student Electric) is an event held for the purpose of comparing the performance of electric racing cars designed by university of universities. The competition involves teams from around the world. In one of the evaluated disciplines it is necessary to consider input current supplied from the battery or regenerative energy supplied to the vehicle battery. For this puprpose it was developed a logging device that periodically sample traction current and voltage waveform. This data serves for calculating a vehicle performance, and the data are stored on the internal SD card. After the race, the judge can read the data from the logging device using the USB interface and a developed PC software checks all the conditions for successful fulfillment of the competitive disciplines.

Production lines service management

This system was developed for the needs of the management of service calls to the production lines. At each production line there is installed a four-light pole. Each color belongs to another type of service. Near the line ther is also located a four button remote control. The first time the button is pressed, the belonging color light starts flashing, which caused a calling of service staff. At the same time, this requirement logs in an SQL database, display on a large screen and starts measure of time of arrival of a service staff to the line. After staff arrival to the line worker confirms the arrival of pressing the button. The belonging light will light up constantly and the time measurement stops. After completion of the intervention worker again presses the button, light goes off, the service request disappears from the screen, and all measured times are saved into the database. As the control unit is used a small industrial computer with SQL server. Particular remote controls are connected to the master PC via the LAN interface.

Monitoring system for working and construction vehicles

The system was developed on the request of the operator of forklifts. The assignment was to monitor the movement of the vehicles. Measured variables were location and vehicle speed. The system allows the driver identification using RFID tags. The system consists of vehicle mounted device that provides a GPS position measurement, the speed of the incremental sensor and the RFID reader located within reach of the driver. The system allows to send SMS alarms of speeding or leaving the authorized area. It is also possible to read the tachograph of the vehicle using the supplied PC application.

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